The Vista team

Vista does not only work with many suppliers but has also built a strong team to realise the large-scale projects with. Some of our colleagues operate from the Almelo office, while the others mainly work on the various project locations. The team works together well and regularly keeps in touch regarding the progress of the projects.

Colleagues on location

Mario Poelmann

Project leader assembly

“With Vista I found the job that I was looking for. It is great to be part of a team that is always looking for the best solutions for the client. Many years of experience as an assembler on board of passenger ships enable me to contribute to the success of each project.”

John van Zanten

Project leader furnishing

“I have been happy to work with Henk Jan since 2010, and I am really enjoying working for Vista. It makes me proud that our small team has been capable of realising so many large and beautiful projects in such a short time. I also really like the diversity of what we do; we work throughout Europe and sometimes even on other continents. And the focus is always on the client.”

Marlon Poelmann


“Even as a little boy I knew that this was the work that I wanted to do. That is why I chose the type of technical training that would provide me with the basis for this kind of work. I have not been with Vista for very long but I am really enjoying it and I love being a part of the team. I see it as a challenge to solve problems and to learn something new every day.”

Colleagues in the Almelo office

Ester Cobben

office manager

“Vista is the right company for me. I love the dynamics and variation that characterises my work. Daily contact with clients, anticipating their questions if possible and be worthy of their trust in us are aspects that I like to deal with. For me the challenge lies in keeping a good view of each project in making sure that it runs smoothly operationally.”

Amanda van Dommelen

Administrative assistant

“In this young and dynamic environment I look after the various administrational aspects. I am given the opportunity to think along and take courses to help me grow. Lines in our flexible team are short, enabling us to be of the best possible service to our clients at all times. That is a great way to operate. I also really like the business we are in. It is easy to see why I love my job.”

Henk Jan Vissia


“I believe that as a person the best thing you can do is to focus on what you are good at. The same applies to Vista. Our strength lies in the combination of good project management, knowledge of the market and optimally matching supply and demand. In addition, by constantly focusing on innovation and the ever-changing world around us Vista continues to be successful at realising major interior projects under demanding time constraints. In such a way that everyone benefits: our clients, the suppliers and Vista itself.”

Vista Interior Projects in a nutshell

  • Specialists in contract furnishing and project management

  • Both for new interiors and renovation of existing interiors

  • For the business market: shipyards, shipping companies, hotels and holiday parks

  • With the best people and materials from all over Europe

  • Capable of realising complex interior projects according to schedule thanks to a combination of energy, flexibility, speed and very good accessibility