Vista Projects: always on course

Vista Interior Projects specialises in the management of large interior projects. Vista’s clients are mainly shipyards, shipping companies and hotels that want to equip or renovate their ship, hotel or other project. Vista offers support during the entire process; from interior design to interior construction and maintenance.


Henk Jan Vissia, in his forties and with a lot of experience in the interior branch, stands at Vista’s helm. He was taught the ropes by his grandfather and father. After an excursion into yacht brokerage he fully applied himself to managing interior projects for the professional market in 2004. After initially working for his father’s company, he started up his own business Vista Interior Projects in 2013.


Since it was established in 2013 Vista Interior Projects has continued to grow. We opt for steady growth so we can keep our operational management controllable and not lose sight of our mission, vision, company culture and values. Trust is of utmost importance in our branch. Looking at our loyal clientele that trust is strong, and that is something we cherish.

Vista Ship Interiors

The logo: the opposite of misfortune is fortune

Vista’s logo catches the eye: it is the number 13 upside down. The number refers to the date Vista was established: 13 September 2013. We mirrored it, thinking that the mirror image of misfortune is fortune.  As it turns out, Vista has had luck on its side: after a dazzling start in 2013 Vista has seen its clientele, order book and number of employees grow with each passing year.


Vista realises high-quality interior projects for the professional market. Its flexible, solution-oriented approach enables Vista to realise the most complex and extensive projects according to schedule. Vista takes away the clients’ cares by assuming responsibility for the entire process, from project management and design to assembly and maintenance of the interiors.


With its combination of energetic project management, optimal matching of supply and demand and continuous focus on innovation Vista is able to realise large interior projects under demanding time constraints. In such a way that everyone benefits: our clients, the suppliers and Vista itself.